Message from Ronnie Bryant


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WALK TO EMMAUS Message from Ronnie Bryant

Hello! I am Ronnie Bryant, and I went on Heart of GA walk 122 and sat at the table of Matthew.

Now you probably have no idea what that is all about, so I am going to tell you how to find out.

Read Luke 24:13-35.

I cannot give you the same experience these two had on their Walk to Emmaus, but I can give you the opportunity to experience another Walk to Emmaus.

The walk to Emmaus is 3-day event held at Dooly Campground in Vienna GA. It starts on Thursday at 7PM and ends on Sunday around 5 PM. Your sponsor will pick you up around 4:30 on Thursday and take you out for a nice meal then deliver you to Dooly Campground. You will be there with no way to escape. But there is a train that comes by about every 15 minutes so could hop on it, but I'm not sure where you would wind up. 

For the weekend you are asked to put away your watch and cell phone. Time does not matter this weekend. Your whole weekend is planned for you. During these 3 days you will hear a series of talks given my clergy and laypersons. You will be divided up into small groups.  You will experience agape love like you have never experienced before, you will make new friends, and you will eat. Oh will you eat. 

You will stay at one of three 5-star hotels, The Hyatt, The Marriott, or the Ritz.  Now the parent company of these hotels have no idea that they exist so you may be just a little surprised at what they look like. 

Your sponsor will be back to pick you up and Sunday, but you may not want to leave but you have to leave.

Now don't think you will be on a deserted island.   If you need anything or need to contact anyone, they will make it happen.

My suggestion is to go with no preconceived ideas and let the weekend unfold and who knows, you may see the Face of Jesus just like Cleopas and his friend did.


You can see more about it at the Heart of Georgia Website or The Upper Room Website.

You can register for one of two upcoming walks in the spring.

Men's Walk # 230 Date: March 16-19, 2023 and 

Women's Walk #231 Date: March 23-26, 2023.

There are several men and women that have attended Walk to Emmaus from Grace Church and would love to share their experience with you. Seek them out and have a conversation.