Youth Minister
Brent Pardue

Youth Minister
Stephanie Pardue
Through fellowship, activities and praise & worship our High School and Middle School students learn how they are affected by having Jesus as a part of their life. Grace Church believes that the biblical education of our youth is essential for them to have before they move on with their adult lives. The youth are extremely active in meeting together on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and participating in frequent weekend excursions.

We want all of our youth to know Jesus Christ and to find their ultimate joy and satisfaction in Him. We have designed our youth ministry to deepen understanding of the greatness of our God and to give encouragement in the pursuit of godliness. Check out our "Youth Activity Calendar" above to see any upcoming events for the youth of Grace Church of Perry.


"[...] let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God [...]".  Hebrews 13:15

Grace Youth will strive to highlight a new Christian artist/band every month to aid you in your personal practice of worship (responding to who God is). To stream this month's music, you can click the link below or listen on your platform of choice.
While Grace Youth is highlighting a band that helps us respond to God through music, we are not advocating you build your study of God through this or any bands' personal beliefs or teachings. If you would like to grow in your study of God, please contact the youth ministers for recommendations on Bible teachers.


Devotions and Donuts

SUNDAY 9:30 - 10:15 AM

(Grace House) Grace Youth can expect to… eat donuts! While students read through the Bible in a year together, they can anticipate sharing and learning how to apply God’s word to their lives every Sunday morning.


Grace Youth Activities are where students can build strong Christian friendships. Youth can expect ultimate frisbee, soccer, hikes, game nights, bonfires, and more FUN!
Once a month we pause our activities focused on fun and turn our attention to service. Grace Serving is a multi-ministry service-centered arm of Grace Church. Grace Youth will take a need that has been collected by Grace Serving and meet that need as best as we can through various service projects like: painting fences, staining decks, raking leaves, etc. If you know of a need in our community that you would like Grace Serving to help with, please reach out to Bruce Nolen at 478-308-9335.

Youth Group

Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30 PM 

Worship, prayer, and teaching that takes students through the Bible will be the focus of Grace Youth's Wednesday evening gatherings. It's an excellent time to grow in the knowledge of just how amazing God is.

*If you can't attend an in-person meeting, you can catch up on the teachings by selecting the audio files below.

teaching audio files

Grace Youth has recently studied Hebrews, Jonah, Daniel, Galatians, 1 John, Revelation, Judges, Ruth, and many more books of the Bible. We are currently learning about the book of Acts, and you now have access to these teachings! Please search out the Media tab on our new App. Any questions on where to find the App, please see the infographic at the end of this page to download the new Grace Youth App.


To participate in any Grace Youth Activity, please fill out the PDF in the link below.
Please return completed paperwork to Brent or Stephanie Pardue through text, email, or hand back at church.