Eyes to See

Eyes to See
Jesus often teaches using the phrase, "he who has ears, let him hear" or "blessed are you who have eyes to see."  Jesus isn't talking about literal hearing and seeing, but having spiritual ears and eyes.  We are often deaf and blind to the realities of the spiritual world around us and Jesus cautions against such ignorance in Mark 13.  We are called to be as awake, alert, and aware of spiritual signs as we are of the changing of the seasons.

Rick Morley, an Episcopal priest, says, "Being alert is a spiritual posture. When we’re alert we see things, and notice things that we wouldn’t notice otherwise. If we live spiritually alert, waiting for Christ to come, how much better might we see him when we enters our room? ... When he shuffles by us on the street."

 Ask God for ears to hear and eyes to see His presence in our world.

Star Gazing – a Reflection on Mark 13:24-37 | Rick Morley. www.rickmorley.com/archives/1158.

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