Holy Tuesday

Holy Tuesday
Holy Tuesday is sometimes called Fig Tuesday because the disciples (and Jesus) come upon the fig tree that Jesus cursed on Monday afternoon.  It's also a day that leaders sought to discredit Jesus on religious AND political terms.  The Pharisees, the Herodians (supporters of Herod) and Sadducees were all attempting to trap Jesus by having Jesus directly state that his power came from God (religious heresy) or that he was a threat to Rome (political heresy).  They ask Jesus if it is lawful to pay taxes to Caesar.  Jesus answers, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is God's" (Matthew 22:21 ESV).  His answer supersedes their question and goes straight to their hearts.  "You're asking the wrong question" his answer implies.  "How are you failing to give God his due?" he seems to ask. Indeed.  What are you and I withholding from God that we should be giving freely?

James Tissot (Nantes, France, 1836–1902, Chenecey-Buillon, France). The Tribute Money (Le denier de César), 1886-1894. Opaque watercolor over graphite on gray wove paper

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